Personalized Grocery Store Tour

For many, visiting a large supermarket can be an incredibly overwhelming experience. Around every corner, there are thousands of products perfectly packaged to lure you in, despite your healthiest intentions. As you shop for groceries, really investigate what your store has to offer and always check out the ingredients in the products you’re buying. But do you really know what to look out for?

That’s where we can help. We’ve put together our favorite tips and tricks for navigating each section of the supermarket. On our Personalized Grocery Store Tour, one of our team members will meet you at your local grocery store and help you shop, navigate what to look for on labels and packaging, and leave you feeling confident with your choices and new-found knowledge. Not only will this improve your shopping experience but, ultimately, your health as well.

Fee: $275 (maximum 90 minutes, does not include cost of groceries)

One-on-One Sessions

Not everyone is ready for a complete three-month or six-month program. That is why we have developed personalized one-on-one programming that consist of varying schedule options. Perhaps you just need one session to discuss your nutrition and health concerns with a nutrition coach. Or maybe you are looking for a tailored three-session program that helps you dial in your nutrition choices with greater confidence and consistency. We’re here to help. Get started by filling out our Health History Form here.

One, 90-minute Session – $275 + GST
3, One Hour Sessions – $495

Group Coaching

If a group dynamic is more your vibe, that is definitely something we can do. The accountability of a group is really beneficial and can help with long-term impact on your health and nutrition goals. Group Coaching calls are 60 minutes in length, occur every week, and run for six weeks. You will be placed in a group of people with similar health goals and nutrition needs, to really help you achieve your goals more efficiently and effectively. For more information see here.