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I am so excited that you are interested in working with me on your health and nutrition goals. Whether we are working together for a Six-Month Program or Three-Month Program, over the next several months we will work together to create and achieve the goals you set into existence for yourself and your life.

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Six-Month Program

My Integrative Nutrition Six Month Program is ideally where all clients should start their journey to nutrition-based learning and health. In this program, we will schedule phone sessions every two weeks, for a total of twelve sessions. At the onset of the Program, we will put together one-month, three-month and six-month goals for us to work on together throughout our sessions.

The Best You Promise

I promise to always provide you with solid information and knowledge, inspiration and motivation, and a positive and optimistic attitude throughout. We will concentrate on your nutrition habits, but also look at your off the plate health as well. You can be eating all of the broccoli and beets in the world, but if you are in a toxic relationship, hate your job, or have no joy in your life, we need to see how that is also impacting your health.

In between the phone calls I am totally here for you! I am your support system throughout this process, so if you need a question answered, some advice or just someone to talk to on one of ‘those’ days, I am here for you through and through. The accountability piece of this program is truly what sets it apart and helps you take your nutrition and your health from good to great.

Every program is unique to you. Ready to get started? Fill out our Health History Form to get your FREE Health Consultation now.

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Three-Month Program

Similar to my Integrative Nutrition Six Month Program, we will schedule phone sessions every two weeks, for a total of six sessions. At the onset of the program, we will determine one-month and three-month goals.

The Specifics

Because we have a shorter amount of time together, we typically will focus on one specific nutrition or health concern rather than a wider lens at overall health and wellness. For example weight loss, digestion issues, or hormone imbalance. Similarly to the six month program, I am here for you in between our sessions together every step of the way. From questions on what rice to best to how to eat at the Super Bowl party you’re heading to, I am here for you. The accountability piece is something that is so important for you to see success.

Every program is unique to you. Ready to get started? Fill out our Health History Form to get your FREE Health Consultation now.

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Our Sessions

At the end of every session, I will send you a complete set of notes along with one to three tasks for you to work on over the upcoming two weeks. In between our sessions, I am here for you! Reaching out to me with questions, items you are curious about, or an issue that you are having is always okay. I am your partner and guide in health and happiness for the entirety of this program.

Upcoming Seminars, Workshops & Events

Group Coaching

If a group dynamic is more your vibe, that is definitely something we can do. The accountability of a group is really beneficial and can help with long-term impact on your health and nutrition goals. Group Coaching calls are 60 minutes in length, occur every week, and run for six weeks.  You will be placed in a group of people with similar health goals and nutrition needs, to really help you achieve your goals more efficiently and effectively. For more information see here, or please drop me a line below with your health concerns.

“I have taken two sessions so far with Best You Nutrition – Reset and 30 Days To Heal Your Gut. I love the format of the sessions where you learn about nutrition in the Zoom with other participants and then get specific info emailed to you such as foods to add or take out of your diet and goals to set. I like knowing ‘why’ I am doing something because it helps me to make it a long term habit. Andea is extremely knowledgeable, passionate and personable so it makes the courses enjoyable. I recommend the courses to all my family and friends!”

– Karen R.

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    Every program that I have developed has your individual life, needs, and goals in mind. It is never a cookie-cutter approach and is as unique to you as you are to this world. Here is the pricing schedule:

    • Six-Month Program: $1600
    • Three-Month Program: $975
    • Six-Week Group Program: $400 (10 person (max) groups)
    • Events & Workshops: please refer to the Events page for pricing details

    Payment plans are always an option and we can work together on any budget. Let’s start by having our free health consultation to see if I can help you reach your health and nutrition goals.

    Free Health Consultation

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    Our first step is the Health History Form. Download it below, fill it out as best as you can, and email it back to me at andrea@fitcommunications.ca. Everything you share with me is kept completely confidential. You can expect a reply from me within 48 hours to set up your free nutrition consultation.