Anti-Inflammatory Diet & Lifestyle Video


This straightforward 21-minute video course, including printable notes and recipes, is for those who want to learn the secrets of the anti-inflammatory diet and its role in preserving health, and preventing disease. Learn to identify and address chronic inflammation’s root causes, from diet to environmental factors. Empower youself with the knowledge you need to change your lifestyle and heal your body from the inside out.



Inflammation is associated with various health concerns, including cancer, Alzheimer’s, stroke and heart disease. But, did you know that chronic inflammation can also impact our greater well-being influencing sleep, energy levels, mood, and even mental health? This course will teach you the nuances of short-term, beneficial inflammation and the risks and strategies to minimize chronic inflammation, which will compromise our immune system over time.

Discover the root causes of chronic inflammation, from dietary choices to environmental factors, and their contribution to various health issues. Learn how you can recognize subtle signs of heightened inflammation and understand measurable indicators your doctor may identify during a visit.

This course will also show you the empowering food choices that help you reduce chronic inflammation, coupled with actionable strategies for seamlessly integrating them into your daily routine. Cultivate an anti-inflammatory lifestyle with practical tips that resonate with your everyday life. Enrol now!

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