BYN Guide to Weight Loss Video


This concise 20-minute video course, including printable notes and recipes, is tailored to women who are sick and tired of counting calories and stressing over their battle with the scale. Challenging conventional weight loss myths, we focus on the quality of food choices, hormone balance and long term sustainable change to finally lose the excess weight and keep it off for good.



If limiting calories and increasing exercise was all it took to maintain a healthy body weight, I wouldn’t hear from women who are losing their battle with the scale almost daily. Calorie counting does not take into account the delicate balance of hormones and digestive health which are critical for healthy long-term weight management and life balance!

In this course, we uncover the essential steps to making your fat cells less hungry and guide your body into fat-burning mode. Learn the art of hormone balance, insulin optimization, and the advantages of an anti-inflammatory diet. Explore the nuanced connection between chronic stress and weight gain, and how to integrate daily stress-reduction activities into your routine.

Take the first step and begin rewriting your health journey. Embrace a natural approach to weight loss that not only allows you to shed excess weight, but also prioritizes your well-being and longevity. Register today and embark on the path to lasting change.

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