Nutrition Essentials for Women Over 40 Program Video Series


In this six-part women’s health education bundle, I’ve demystified the top health concerns that I see in my nutrition practice. This program includes just over two hours and ten minutes of science-backed education, printable notes and recipes designed to help women feel their best at any age. For less than half of the cost of your weekly grocery bill, you’ll learn sustainable strategies to heal and optimize your digestion, combat chronic inflammation, effortlessly reach your ideal body weight, balance your hormones, eat for optimal energy and stay truly healthy as you age gracefully.



Save $20 when you purchase the complete Nutrition Essentials for Women Over 40 Program. This comprehensive six-course package includes all six video courses, printable notes and recipes that address key health concerns of women over 40 and provide nutritional strategies to help you reach optimal health.

Begin with “BYN Guide to Weight Loss,” challenging conventional weight loss myths and prioritizing sustainable change through hormone balance and mindful food choices.

Explore the impact of chronic inflammation in “Anti-Inflammatory Diet & Lifestyle,” learning to minimize disease risks and cultivate an anti-inflammatory lifestyle seamlessly integrated into your routine.

Delve into the often-overlooked yet critical aspect of overall well-being in “Digestive Health Foundations,” unravelling the intricacies of a healthy digestive system and its profound influence on energy, mood, and immune function.

Discover the secrets to sustained physical and mental energy in “Eating for Energy,” bidding farewell to daily crashes and sugar cravings.

Take control of your hormones with “Happy Healthy Hormones,” designed for women over 40, offering strategies to balance hormones and enhance total well-being.

Finally, in “Longevity and Healthful Aging,” unlock the key to a fulfilling, lengthy life through nutrition, lifestyle habits, and the secrets of Blue Zones.

This bundle provides essential nutrition information and science-backed education, empowering you to feel your best at any age. Don’t miss this opportunity to invest in your well-being – register now for a healthier, happier you.

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